September 22, 2023

Rishabh Pant and Dinesh Karthik “In Play” for T20 World Cup Semifinal: Rohit Sharma

ICC Men's World Cup rishabh pant

Rishabh Pant, a wicketkeeper who can also bat, was given a shot in India’s playing XI for their most recent Super 12 match, which was played against Zimbabwe. Pant replaced Dinesh Karthik in the starting lineup. Pant, on the other hand, was a letdown because he only scored three runs.

On Thursday, the second semi-final of the present Twenty20 World Cup will take place at the Adelaide Oval, and it will see Team India led by Rohit Sharma facing off against England. Team India advanced to the semi-finals after finishing first in Group 2 with eight points from its ten matches, and everyone will be watching to see which lineup Rohit and the rest of the players choose to play with for the crucial match against the Three Lions. A news conference was held by the team captain, Rohit Sharma, before the game. During the conference, he discussed the team’s preparations and provided some insight into the possible lineups that the team may use.

In India’s last Super 12 match against Zimbabwe, wicketkeeper-batter Rishabh Pant was given an opportunity to play and replaced Dinesh Karthik in the squad.

Rishabh Pant fell short as he only scored 3 runs.

“With the exception of the two games we played in Perth, Pant was the only player who did not get to play at all on this trip between DK and me during the last game. They were unofficial exhibition games, but he hasn’t had a hit since then. We wanted to give him some time because he was missing game time and so that we could still make adjustments in the semifinals or championship game “explained Rohit during a news conference prior to the game.

“The idea was that it would be unjust to force a man into the game out of thin air. But once more, we’ve made it clear to the boys that regardless of whether it’s a league game or a semifinal, everyone must be prepared. Given that we did not know which team we would face in the semifinals before to the Zimbabwe game, it was also somewhat tactical. In order to provide the left-hander a chance to counter those spinners who bowl in the center, we made sure to do so. But once more, I am unable to predict what will occur tomorrow, just that both of those keepers will be available for selection “Added he.

In the current competition, Suryakumar Yadav has distinguished himself as India’s “MVP” after scoring three half-centuries at an incredible strike rate.


“Suryakumar’s character most likely stems from this, and it’s where his fearlessness comes from. He is the type of person who is unburdened by baggage. Not his suitcases, for he has several. He enjoys shopping a lot (laughs). I don’t believe he has the capacity to handle the added strain, and you can see by the way he performs. He has been performing like way for over a year now “Rohit stated.

“You can determine his moral nature. Whether we are 10 for 2 or 100 for 2, he likes to play in the same way. I don’t know whether you have heard him in interviews. He enjoys going out and being himself. He was most likely included in the team for the most recent World Cup for that reason. We didn’t have a wonderful World Cup, but SKY is the limit for him based on what he has accomplished since the last World Cup, as you say. He has demonstrated outstanding maturity, relieved a lot of the guys’ pressure, and it shows when they bat around him. We are well familiar with his strategy, “Added he.

As he continued to discuss Suryakumar, Rohit said: “We are aware of the bowler’s intentions while he is batting. It includes everything as a whole. He once informed me that he prefers playing on large fields since doing so allows him to perceive the gaps. He enjoys seeing spaces and playing in them.”

On Tuesday, Rohit Sharma was smacked on the forearm. When asked about it, the Indian skipper stated: “I got struck yesterday, but everything appears to be good today. There was some bruising, but everything is good today.”

India last won the T20 World Cup in 2007, and the country has not won an ICC event in nine years. India won the Champions Trophy under MS Dhoni’s leadership in 2013, and an ICC trophy has evaded Team India ever since.

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