September 22, 2023

India Eats At “British Raj” Before T20 World Cup Semi-final Against England

ICC Men's World Cup britih raj

Since their arrival in Australia, the “Men in Blue” have been living out of their luggage. As the competition neared its conclusion, the members of the team took some time to get to know each other better.

The Indian team having a fest in the British Raj

The irony was not missed on anybody in Australia when the Indian players dined at a restaurant called “British Raj” before to putting their heads together to devise a strategy to defeat England in the T20 World Cup quarterfinal. The “Men in Blue” had been living out of their luggage ever since they arrived in Australia. As the spectacle neared its business end, the players took some time to socialize with one another and unwind at a well-known Indian restaurant before the major semi-final. On Thursday, the squad captained by Rohit Sharma will attempt to put a stop to England’s winning streak in this iteration of the global meet.

This region of the world is particularly well-known for the chicken tikka, Kashmiri pilau, and lamb rogan josh that can be found at the restaurant that can be found at 170, Henley Beach Road in Torrensville. Earlier on in the competition, the Indian team had a few complaints about the type of food that had been decided upon by the ICC. The players’ sense of taste was not satisfied by it.

“The team and the players hardly had any time to relax and take their mind off from the pressure of a high-octane tourney like World Cup since there has been hardly any time between games,” a senior BCCI official who is privy to the team activities told PTI. “The team and the players hardly had any time to relax and take their mind off from the pressure of a high-octane tourney like World Cup.”

“…And much too many trips within the country, since spending three days in Adelaide is like being in heaven. As a result, the players and their partners (wives and girlfriends) who were in attendance came together for a supper as a team. In addition to serving as an opportunity to strengthen bonds among the team, this activity provides total relaxation “he noted.

The Indian cricket team is the most economically successful group, thus their schedule has been packed with travel across all of the main cities in Australia.


They began their journey in Mumbai and continued it in Perth. After completing its first round of hard training and practice games in Perth over the course of seven days, the team continued on to play another series of official warm-up games (one washed out in Brisbane). Before they arrived in Melbourne, they had traveled through two distinct time zones.

They started in Melbourne, where they remained for four days, then moved on to Sydney, where they remained for four days, then moved on to Perth, where they remained for three days (in a different time zone), then moved on to Adelaide, where they remained for three days, and then returned to Melbourne for another three days.

It has consisted solely of playing matches and keeping one’s fingers crossed for advancement onto the next flight, with a day of rest and an optional training session sandwiched in between.

Even when he was captaining the squad and subsequently when he was coaching the U-19 national team, head coach Rahul Dravid has always placed a strong emphasis on team bonding and activities.

On the day in question, Rohit was struck on the forearm; nevertheless, he is completely OK and there is no strapping on his right hand, which is something that must have thrilled the supporters who were gathered outside the team hotel.

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