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Why I Use Right Brain Team Building Exercises

Can you tell if you use your right or left brain areas more as you work your way through each day? You won’t be able to feel your brain click over into the right or left side. So how do we know and should we even care?

I am not an authority on brains and I used to believe there was no value in understanding the difference between right and left-brain activity. We are what we are, right?

However, throughout the course of my work life I have incorporated activities to get groups to generate ideas that are vastly different from how they normally think. I was leading others to tap into their right brain. I wasn’t conscious of my direction but have come to find out that many of the team building exercises I use or recommend are predominantly right-brain focused. And the reason they were so effective is because they are right brain focused.

Our left brain is what allows us to categorize things, use logic and employ systems to learn. Right brain thinking often knocks the walls off those systems. When tapping into the right side of our brains we can make broader decisions and use a wider range of creative perspectives. The right brain activities serve to expand our thinking so we can see outside of our left brain “box.” Our right brain is running a marathon when we are our most imaginative. And imagination is an essential ingredient for problem solving. Imagination is a critical component of getting teams unstuck.

When you are using activities to solve problems or bond teams, it’s really important to include team building activities that tap into the right brain. Coloring books. Coloring books and crayons are easy to get, fun to use and give someone access to their right brain. Try it and you may feel your right brain click into gear. (I can see you rolling your eyes at my suggestion!)


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