Using Ice Breakers for Game Night

I recently spent an evening doing a really fun thing as a volunteer.  I led the first of many Game Nights for a group of young women who are working hard to build good lives for themselves.

I wasn’t sure if they wanted to learn about Chess or play Go Fish so I started them off with one of my ice breakers, the HUDDLE Fun, Imaginative Ice Breakers.  For this ice breaker, they each selected a card and completed the sentence on the back of the card.  The objective for this team building activity is to tap into one’s imagination to provide any zany or civilized ending to the sentence on the card.  It’s a brain stretcher.  Everything and anything goes.  I had my fingers crossed because I wasn’t entirely sure this particular group would respond to my game.  Not everyone can be as passionate as I am about games.  These women had never experienced an ice breaker before (I did explain it to them).

As they passed the card deck around the room, every single woman took her time to provide personalized sentence completers.  I learned a lot about each of them as they participated.  It was enlightening.

Then they wanted to go another round.  And another.  And another.  Turns out they all played with 5-6 ice breaker cards a piece!  That’s a lot of involvement.  I had planned on using only one card for each woman, not 6!  They all got to learn so much more about each other as they used their imagination to finish sentences that were thoughtful, funny, crazy or inviting.  These women were magical with their answers!

One of the things that came out from using these icebreakers was that one woman became passionate when she talked about her dream of owning an orphanage.  That’s big.  Other women shared some of their private dreams and fears while connecting to each other at a higher level than before.  The sharing continued, the bonding increased and the Feel Good factor was really high.  As I walked out the door, several yelled out with a request to me to bring my ice breakers again for the next Game Night.  Along with Poker lessons.

Now that was fun.

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