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Use an Icebreaker To Start an Interview

Want to rattle someone who is set to interview you? Or throw them off base and take over? Initiate an ice breaker activity with them. It’s not something they will expect but it will get the interview off to a fun, perhaps quirky, start. And the conversation will flow easily.

I did this recently. Cynthia De Lorenzi, Founder of Success in the City, scheduled an interview with me to take place on Google+ Hangout. Cynthia is by her own right an extraordinary interviewer, one of the very best actually, but I wanted to demonstrate one of my own ice breakers and how it can spur on a lively conversation. It surely did. If you watch the following video clip of the interview, pause right after I read the sentence on the ice breaker card to see how you would respond. Then compare your thoughts to those of Cynthia’s.

Okay, this video interview is WAY TOO LONG. If you listen to the whole thing, you deserve a prize. Send me an email telling me that you watched the whole interview and I’ll send you a free ice breaker! That is a smashing deal!

Having a conversation with Cynthia at any time is inspiring and invigorating but during this interview she was a solid trooper. She immediately participated in the ice breaker activity which took us both off in to another planet (Mars probably) to discuss what we’d like all the boys in the world to know (you’d understand if you watch the video). It was so much fun. Cynthia gets a boatload of the credit for demonstrating how this ice breaker is effective at opening up minds.  The tactic was fun and effective to use.

In fact, you can use an ice breaker to start any kind of meeting and people will become ready to receive information and be more engaged in the agenda. I’ve used ice breakers for so many years and have never had one fail to get the group energized and intrigued regardless of the subject on the table for them to discuss.

Ice breakers, properly administered, open up the right side of the brain and allow our brains to see the big picture, look for opportunity and solve problems. They are appropriate at the family dinner table, corporate retreats, committee meetings, Board meetings, Meetup groups and so much more.

If you are set to be interviewed, I double dare you to begin with a small (appropriate, mind you) ice breaker activity. If you need some ideas, contact me and let’s chat about it. I’d be honored to assist you to have the best interview experience possible, no matter how serious the subject to be discussed.

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6 Responses to Use an Icebreaker To Start an Interview

  1. Great website! I really love how it is simple to read. I am
    curious how I could be notified when a new article has been made.
    I have subscribed to your RSS feed which should do! Have a nice day and
    plz excuse my poor english!

  2. Hi Darcie,
    This all sounds so amazing!! Could this work with kids and friendships? How about Nursing? How Teams in Critical Care get along will reflect patient outcomes. This is published in a few Professional Journals citing the importance of Team Approach to patient care, but, these articles fall short on the ‘how’ to ‘build’ Teams. Which products could be helpful?

    • Maureen, ice breakers work with people of all ages doing all sorts of different activities. All teams produce better results if the team members work well together. That applies to nursing, teaching, sports, business, and even families.

      For critical care teams, there are a few products we offer that would be perfect. The Huddle Imagination cards on the GAMES/ACTIVITIES page help teams get to know each other better over time. One use of the cards won’t change anything but, over time, the people get to know each other’s unique and human qualities which makes it easier to work together. Use the cards before each team meeting or at the start of each day. These cards would also be terrific sharing with patients and their families. Huddle Imagination cards are our number one biggest seller for families wanting to find better ways to connect with each other.

      The Huddle Biz Breaks cards would be appropriate for your group. Use these cards daily or before each team meeting. The topics on these cards are relevant to the business world and flush out issues that may be difficult in an ordinary work setting. For instance, one of the cards addresses being late to work. If one team member is perpetually late, this card would allow the team to discuss this issue in a safe and lightweight setting.

      I’d be happy to send you some samples. Let me know your interest level. Thanks for visiting!

      • Darcie these look awesome!! I’ve just ordered both, and can’t wait to try them out!! Thank you for your reply, it really helped me navigate through your collection.

        • Please let me know how your team personality changes after using these icebreakers for awhile. Thank you for connecting with our products!

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