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Understand the Power of the Introverts on Your Teams

Much personal creativity is developed in solitude. As Susan Cain so aptly presents in her TED presentation (see below), introverts should be included as part of every creative team. Introverts may go off on their own to have profound insights that they bring back to the team.

She makes a case for why introverts don’t get enough respect and recommends “ambiverts” may be an ideal personality type. Ambiverts are a hybrid blend of extrovert and introvert traits. She states that many members of groups inadvertently mirror the ideas of those dominant extroverts around them whether their extrovert ideas are as creative and sound or not.

To an extent I agree with her. I have managed focus groups and have found that “group think” takes over pretty quickly when one dominant personality expresses him or herself in a way that sounds confident. Others do tend to jump in and agree which may be suppressing their own unique opinion. Focus groups are a great tool to use to test creative products such as logos, brochures and ads.

If you want pure feedback and candid opinions, I have found much richer and more honest information when I ask individuals questions in a confidential setting away from a group. Each individual will be able to tap their own conscience without the distraction of other more outgoing personalities.

Cain wants us to “stop the madness” for constant group work. This certainly sounds contrary to team building, however, she recommends people in schools land businesses must learn to think for themselves by themselves.

I think some of the TED talks are about the best mind candy ever. I don’t always agree with their opinions but that’s my ambivert personality showing.


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