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Teams Have Multiple Personalities

Every team has its own bank of personalities represented. For managers and supervisors, the personalities can come from people they hired or those they inherited. It’s a manager’s responsibility to manage the multiple team personalities along with the goals, budgets, timelines, resources, strategies, conflict, etc.

Can you relate to the following situation?

The managers in the video knew quite well what to expect from the personalities on their team yet they did not know how to manage people to get them to work well together. Further, they didn’t understand how to motivate their team to attend the meeting! I sympathize with them.

For starters, if you can’t get people to attend a meeting, you can’t get work done using that medium. For your situation, meetings may not be the best way to get things done. In most businesses, however, team meetings are used most often to gather people together to discuss goals, news and obstacles. Meetings are a necessary part of doing business.

Since all of us are unique and have our own unique personalities, we will have those personalities on full display in team meetings.

What personalities do you have sitting around the conference room at your team meetings?

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  1. Laura, thanks for your comment and congratulations to your daughter and her team! It does take a good coach to manage the various personalities and head them skillfully toward the goal.

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