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Teambuilding or Team Building?

I get confused.  Sometimes when I write out the two words team and building, I can’t remember if the words make a compound noun as one word or if they are two words that describe an activity. Or am I making a perfectly good adjective that is spelled as one word or two?  Since the word teamwork is just one word, why doesn’t teambuilding follow suit?  The activities they imply are nearly conjoined.   If I join the two words team and building together to make teambuilding, my Thesaurus tool won’t recognize the one word nor will Dictionary.com.  The correct spelling is team building.  There’s a chance that “teambuilding” is tops on a frequently misspelled words list. I’ve done my part to keep that one word in the top ranks on the misspelled list.

Here’s another strange twist.  The term homebuilding is just one word.  It’s one word that describes the designing or constructing of houses.  Let’s apply that definition for my two chosen words here, team and building.  When we want people to bond and work well together could we say that we designing and constructing teams?  Teambuilding just like homebuilding?  On this website, I will be discussing ways to build good teams and get people to bond.  Bear with me, because I may just use both spellings of that activity.

If I am any good at building teams, and I am, then the end result will bring the team together.  That’s one good reason for our term to be just one word!  Get it?

Okay, that’s all the time I will spend on this particular discussion.  I’d love to hear your preference on which way to best spell those two words.

Another original article by The Game Gal.  You may reproduce all or part of this content as long as you provide attribution in the form of a link back to this website (or copy and paste the following:  http://www.GamesandTeamBuilding.com).  Thanks for being a great team player!

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