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Team Building Taps Fun Childhood Memories

Colonel MustardOne of the most profound benefits of playing games, in general, or using ice breakers, is the access to positive childhood memories. For me and for so many others, playing games while growing up was so fun. We competed and laughed through Boardwalk, Colonel Mustard, Battleship and Seven Card Stab. It was a time when my family bonded, and bonded really well. To this day, we all derive a warmly competitive sense of pleasure when we play games, especially when we get to play them together. My sibling reunion last summer sure did conjure up those fun childhood memories. We had a blast.

Many of the icebreakers sold through this website were developed with childhood memories in mind. Sure, they now serve as team building activities for the office, for small groups or families but the games have roots in that feeling that we got when playing with other kids or family members and having fun as a shared purpose.

The family board game I developed (not sold through this website) took advantage of the existence of the positive family memories, which became the glue for the game. Players are asked to share their fond childhood memories on a variety of subjects such as:

First haircut
First piece of pie
First kiss
First baby held
First rainbow

Each memory gets resurrected to share with the rest of the family. The “team” is the family sitting at the game table. Grandma and great grandchild can all play the game together and have fun on their own level. The whole game takes advantage of that tingly good feeling of bringing up the fun and positive memories we all have.

Now, the Huddle line of icebreakers sold through this site (Huddle Biz Breaks for Business Teams and Huddle Fun, Imaginative Ice Breakers) are all designed to tease up and help us share the silent thoughts that are resident in our minds. When a team member taps his imagination to share about who he thinks should lead the world, the rest of the team can’t help but learn more about him. The rest of the team also can’t help but think about how they would answer the same question. Just as the game designed to share warm, tingly childhood memories, the ice breakers help to tease up personality marks that build bonds. The ice breakers are teambuilding activities that help reveal more about the uniqueness of the personalities on the team. Yes, sometimes that can be warm and tingly but it’s not essential!

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