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Team Building and Ice Cream. I’m in Heaven!

Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 11.59.56 AMI see a potential game everywhere. And when the game includes one of my favorite things on the face of the planet – ice cream – I’m over the moon!

My husband and I will be our own team for about 5-7 weekends. Our team building activity is to visit each dairy that is on the Ice Cream Trail created by Maryland’s Department of Agriculture. The heart-warming part of our cool journey is that all the ice cream will be purchased right on the dairy farm amongst little kids and goats (is that redundant?).

Each of the 8 dairies represented on the ice cream trail will offer up their homemade ice cream plus other adventures, such as farm tours, art exhibits, cow petting and butter churning. I hope they have my favorites which are peppermint, peppermint or maybe peppermint.

Hats off to the Maryland Department of Agriculture for turning a promotional campaign into a game to support their farmers. The dairy farms get lots of publicity and hungry visitors and we get to eat my favorite food. Who says there is no creativity in our governments? (um…..me?)

The game starts by issuing us trailblazers with a Passport. We’ve sent off for our passport and will get it punched at each stop we make. Of course I want to embellish the game details and will likely spin off 2 or 3 more games from these adventures.

Join us! If you are reading this post and you are near the state of Maryland and it’s somewhere between June 1 and September 1, you can be an ice cream trailblazer too!  CLICK HERE for the link.

Next adventure: likely to be serious, ice cream busting aerobics.

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