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Are HUDDLE Sessions Like Masterminds?

In a Mastermind, a small group of business leaders commit to build their businesses, collaborate on their challenges, learn from each other and hold each other accountable. I am currently in a Mastermind group and have been in others in the past. I am a VERY passionate Mastermind supporter.  My business would not be where […] more

How Much Feedback Should Leaders Seek?

I worked with a managing partner who sought the opinions of all 28 of the other partners of the firm before he made any small, medium and important decisions. The problem or the result I observed was that he took little action. He was so focused on seeking feedback that he failed to make decisions, […] more

HUDDLE Sessions Use Ideas as Team Building Activity

Ideo is a company whose mission and work products I admire (  Their service is to apply their creativity so that organizations can be creative.  Creativity gives birth to more creativity. The same principle applies to our HUDDLE Sessions.  Ideas breed more ideas.  Many of the women who participate in HUDDLE Sessions participate in this […] more

HUDDLE Sessions are Solution-Focused

A dear friend just made a statement that resonated with me. She said, “Are you problem-centered or solution-centered?” Often, when a problem arises, I will dwell in that problem. Sit on it. Hug it. Share it with my friends. Get up close and personal with it and give it a lot of elbow room in […] more

HUDDLE Sessions and Random Acts of Kindness

For over a year I have been holding demo events to test and evaluate a way to connect women and help solve their problems.  They are called HUDDLE Sessions for Creative Problem Solving which are like mini-MasterMinds,  spot-counseling, impromptu business coaching, life coaching in a jar, ad hoc advisory boards, and stand-in best friends.  It’s […] more

Managers Must Have Ice Breakers Handy

Managers have it tough. Not only are they expected to oversee budgets, timelines and resources, they are expected to manage all the personalities they have on their teams. Stubborn Steve, Critical Charles, Nitpicky Nancy and Always Forgettin’ Al, among the lot. If all the personalities represented on our teams and in our departments got along […] more