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How Much Feedback Should Leaders Seek?

I worked with a managing partner who sought the opinions of all 28 of the other partners of the firm before he made any small, medium and important decisions. The problem or the result I observed was that he took little action. He was so focused on seeking feedback that he failed to make decisions, […] more

Should Leaders Have Team Building Skills?

A lot is expected of our leaders. defines a “leader” as a person or thing that leads.” That may seem obvious, however, does that mean the leader must “lead” teambuilding sessions? Myriads of books, articles, videos and white papers have been written for generations by researchers and others who have opinions about the specific […] more

Who Do Leaders Turn to When…

I have yet to meet a leader who knows all the answers and responses needed to every challenge that comes her way.  That observation does not speak to the varying and fluctuating levels of confidence leaders have in their positions of responsibility, but it does indicate the existence of a Leader Resource System that is […] more