Ice Breakers and Imagination

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HUDDLE Fun, Imaginative Ice Breakers.

Levity for groups who need to get along.


  • Imagine having groups (at work or not) who solve problems easily
  • Imagine people connecting better on a project because of their differences
  • Imagine having family members who are enthusiastic about coming together
  • Imagine using a simple ice breaker at the dinner table that gets everyone talking and bonding
  • Imagine being with a group of strangers but learned about the others quickly

Everyone has an imagination that, if tapped, would reveal a lot about them.  Even you!

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HUDDLE Fun, Imaginative Ice Breakers crank up lively discussions and allow people to get a better understanding of each other while having fun.  Participants use their imagination to complete sentences that reveal a great deal more about them.

Shipping is FREE to anywhere in the U.S.!

HUDDLE cards are fun and inspiring.

60 unique cards that tease out imaginative thinking.

Each card is 3.5 inches in diameter, scientifically researched to fit any human hand.

Use HUDDLE Fun, Imaginative Ice Breakers to get people of all ages connected.

Creative Uses of HUDDLE Fun, Imaginative Ice Breakers:

  • As an ice breaker for a group that needs fun and ways to connect with each other
  • In gatherings when people need to contribute mental energy
  • To provide families and groups a way to see a new view of each other
  • To begin celebrations such as weddings, baby  showers, retirement or graduation parties
  • At break time during stressful sessions to lighten the mood, refresh the mind and prepare for more work
  • Perfect before meetings, book clubs, prayer circles, neighborhood parties, strategic planning sessions
  • At the shower:  for babies, weddings, retirement
  • As discussion creators to get people talking about their viewpoints in a fun and safe manner
  • As a unique bonding activity around a campfire
  • As a travel aid to relieve frustration or boredom during or after any journey
  • When a fresh perspective would help in any kind of problem solving
  • As a way to include remote family or team members who can’t show up personally
  • As a reward for special achievement
  • To provide levity for groups of any kind
  • When people need to feel heard and connected
  • With grandparents at senior centers or homes
  • At family reunions
  • At teen gatherings

Who needs HUDDLE Fun, Imaginative Ice Breakers:

  • Managers and Supervisors
  • Speakers and Presenters
  • Facilitators
  • Marketers looking for corporate gifts
  • Meeting, Retreat and Conference Planners
  • Trainers
  • Parents.  Yes, these ice breakers are excellent and appropriate for families who have personalities aged from 6 years through 100+ years old.
  • Teen Groups
  • Church Groups
  • Physicians offices to complement magazines
  • Camp Leaders
  • NATO

Use HUDDLE Fun, Imaginative Ice Breakers with your groups for better bonding.


Did we mention that Shipping is FREE?!

For now, HUDDLE Fun, Imaginative Ice Breakers are shipped only to locations within the United States. If you want these sent to a geographical location outside the U.S., please contact Darcie and she'll find a way to get your ice breakers to you!


Price: $26.50

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