Fortunes at Work

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FORTUNE Business Ice Breakers.

Employees who have fun while at work are more productive.  It’s a fact.

FORTUNE Business Ice Breakers provide employees with levity and laughter to lighten up the day and keep them connected. Shipping is FREE within the U.S.!


These Fortunes are an advantage in any team building toolkit and can be used again and again with different results.

If the fortunes in standard Fortune Cookies from another continent disappoint you, these fortunes are for you!

  • What if you could improve morale and create levity in the office?
  • What if you could provide a way to help people connect with each other?
  • What if you could get your team to function better?
  • What if you could work toward those goals with little cash investment?

Fortunes – Business Ice Breakers are perfect for office fun.  Each Fortune is unique and gets people laughing, thinking, and talking together.

Wouldn’t it be fortunate to have a light activity that is available for your friends and colleagues?  These little cards are fun, easy, portable, inexpensive and interesting.

60 unique fortunes on colorful cards that are 3.5 inches in diameter.

Inexpensive team building fortunes all packed into one colorful tin!

Fortunes - Business Ice Breakers are different from our Fortunes for Parties & Events in that there is the language of business hinted or stated on each card.  They are approp0riate for the office setting where teams work hard to accomplish work-related goals.

Who needs FORTUNE Business Ice Breakers?

  • You.  It’s time for more fun at work!
  • Your colleagues.  Everyone appreciates a bit of laughter while getting to know someone even better.
  • Anyone (in the U.S.) who wants FREE shipping!

For now, FORTUNE Business Ice Breakers are shipped only to locations within the United States. If you want these sent to a geographical location outside the U.S., please contact Darcie and she'll find a way to get your ice breakers to you!

Need other ice breaker ideas for the work place?  Check out HUDDLE Biz Breaks for Business Teams.


Price: $26.50

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