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Southwest Airlines Understands Team Building

Southwest Airlines seems to always head the list of “best company to work for” and “most efficient airline” and “healthiest culture”, etc. And deservedly so.

It’s no secret that Southwest achieves all this by design. They have a powerful branding and core values strategy that includes execution in the minutest detail. They know that their culture will drive the business results they desire on all fronts. They also know that creating a powerful culture with people working so well together is NOT the soft side of business. Creating a culture that brings a thriving business is hard work. It requires effective team building.

Click HERE for a great article to add to the many great reporting that continually flow about this interesting company:

Just imagine for a minute what the economic world would look like if every company were as diligent on setting their strategies, enforcing their values along with their brand and setting unflinching expectations to achieve those visionary results.

We can only hope and dream…


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