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Pay For a Training Program Then Drop Out. Why?

Layout 1In the business world, CEOs must avoid being blindsided. It’s critical they receive information about Unknowns that may make their company vulnerable. As I write this, I am curious about how Mary Barra, CEO of General Motors, and Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric Shinseki feel about being blindsided. I shudder. Both are piecing together organizations because critical information did not make its way up onto their Red Alert lists.

Trainers and coaches providing large programs for individuals seeking career, business, or life transformation often get blind-sided too.

  • Why do some clients drop out?
  • Why do some clients become disengaged?
  • How can success rates improve?

Many trainers believe dropouts from clients is part of the normal course of doing business. You can’t satisfy everyone, right? When coaching clients invest in a program but defect anyway, something is not right.

When trainers work so hard to deliver valuable information to paying and ambitious clients who become disengaged anyway, something is not right. Information about what is not right remains missing to the trainer and Unknowns take over.

It’s easy to blame the client but that blaming doesn’t help the coach’s business. What Unknown information would be helpful for trainers and coaches to know in order to understand when and why their clients start to become disengaged?

The trainers and coaches I know, sincerely care about their relationships they build with each client, even in large programs with lots of people. They also care when someone defects but are unsure about what, if any, preventive action they could take.

HUDDLE Sessions are proving to be one resource that removes some of those Unknowns that may have been blocking client success in a coaching or training program. HUDDLEs also provide many more benefits for clients in the training programs who get an opportunity to remove their own obstacles to their success. Coaches and trainers may never know which obstacles were blocking their clients but it won’t matter if the obstacles get removed.

Through participation in HUDDLE Sessions, the training clients are also provided with opportunities to build relationships with others in the program. Loyalty to the training program grows!

There’s everything right about that.

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