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One of the Best Team Building Ideas

The best team building activities require participants to work together toward a common goal.  There are many fun team building activities that don’t make it to my “Best” list because they are often a waste of time and are not created around a common goal.  If you combine a good cause with that common goal, the caliber of the activity and resultant bonding improves even more.

A third component of being a “Best Team Building Activity” is to have it provide a time frame that makes sense.  I’ve been to many retreats facilitated by people who tried to squeeze in a complicated activity in a short time frame.  I’ve also worked with companies that give employees one year to accumulate certain tasks and can’t understand why interest wanes.

I admit to being very partial to those teambuilding activities that have a focus on improving health.  Whether the team is a family, a department, a committee, an ad hoc group or an entire company, a goal toward improving overall individual health ranks tops in my book.

The challenge, of course, is to ensure the health-focused team building idea is do-able and not taxing to the participants or the levels of dropout will be too much.  If the activities seem too challenging, many participants won’t buy in to the idea at the start and will feel resentful.

If you can develop the actions and the goal to be exciting, achievable and challenging at the right level (not too much and not too little), you will have a powerhouse of a team building activity.

Let me introduce you to my friends at DrinkWineandGiggle.com who have devised that perfect balance of challenging, do-able, fun and, if completed, will achieve measurable and satisfying results all with a focus on better health.

Here’s a link to information about their “8-Week Lifestyle Challenge Contest

If you read through their list of requirements, you can’t help but smile because your brain is telling you, “I can do this!” Now the fun begins.  To ramp up the fun factor in this team building idea, they have included a point system.  After reading through the list, I know I’ve already racked up some points just for today!

Which of your groups would be healthier with a challenge like this one?  The girlfriends at Drink Wine and Giggle receive my vote for creating one of the “best team building ideas” that is scalable, challenging, beneficial and fun.

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