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Little Changes Big Connections

Virtual legos on a virtual floorPart of my spiel offline and online includes discussions about how simple, small changes can make long lasting and powerful changes in connections between people.

Take teambuilding activities, for instance.  I see so many companies putting a lot of time and money into the creation of a gigantic team building experience for the employees. Why?, I ask.  I know their intentions are honorable and worthy.  Why so much effort and money when smaller and more meaningful activities can do a better job?

I have nothing at all against outdoor bonding sports, paint ball adventures, bowling tournaments and survival challenges.  Those sound like a lot of fun!  (not really) And I certainly never find fault with companies who want to provide every advantage to support their employees.  Yes!  However, the large-scale teambuilding adventures don’t work very well because nothing much gets changed in the way people get along with each other.

Having department or team members work closely on constructing a crazy fun Lego® project would connect them in better ways than the expensive outdoor version of team building.  So why aren’t more managers using the simpler team building activities?  Because they seem so…well, simple.

People get connected best one on one.  As one person gets to know another person a little better, their understanding of each other can strengthen.

I challenge all the managers in America (okay, the whole world) to think of small ways to get people connected.  Have them work together on a fun project or an activity to benefit a charity.  There are scads of ways to connect people in a way that they will work better together after.  If you you need ideas and haven’t yet downloaded my FREE (no charge, costs nothing) eBook on Success Stories in the Office, you must read it.  There are some examples in there to demonstrate small things managers can do to get their people connected and productive.

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