If you have arrived on this page it means you have received a special, private invitation from me to join a HUDDLE Session this week.  It also means I admire you and want to get to know you better (otherwise this would be a public page).


Here are the logistical details:

Date:     Friday, February 28, 2014

Time:   9:30 – 11:30am Eastern Time

How:   By way of video conference

Cost:   Zip!  You are my guest!


HUDDLE Sessions are popup advisory boards for women who have ideas or challenges that would benefit from feedback.  You will give your HUDDLE team feedback on their issues and they will give you their wisdom on an idea or issue you have.  Only four women plus a facilitator participate.  The issues can be personal or business related.  Sound simple?

It’s an innovative form of collaboration and I’ve seen lives changed within this small, two-hour window of creativity.

Please call or email me directly if you are able to take advantage of this offer. If you received my invitation, I REALLY want you on a HUDDLE team because I already like you and what I know so far about you.

CLICK HERE to view the rest of my site where you can research HUDDLE Sessions and feel comfortable.  But please hurry and let me know if you can join in.  I’m waiting to hear from you!

Darcie Davis

703.772.2386 cell

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