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Ice Breakers Necessary For Team Building

It is possible to build a well functioning team without the use of ice breakers, however, ice breakers make the goal much easier to achieve!  A good set of ice breakers is a critical component in every team building tool kit.

Using ice breakers appropriately creates an environment that allows people to open up and share bits about themselves in a safe manner.  In short, ice breakers in the business setting allow people to be authentic and interesting.  It’s a great framework to use for any group (including families, by the way).

In the work place, ice breakers are simply good for business.  Effective managers know that people work well together when they understand and work within their personal differences.  Members of a team don’t fight their differences and they don’t have to love their differences; they just have to understand them and accept how they contribute to the team personality.

In the office, we are usually working with folks who we did not select.  Even as a manager, I rarely was able to work with a group made of people I got to select. Even if I had selected every team player, we still had differences we needed to uncover to determine how best to work with those differences. When I did not understand the variety of working styles and personality types, I would get blindsided.  Someone’s personality or working style would be revealed at inopportune times.  I didn’t like being blindsided by a factor I could have known about.

Using ice breakers in a consistent manner can, over time, flush up the varieties of working styles and also flush up solutions to understand how the different working styles will mesh together.  Ice breaker activities are not intended to be one-off occurrences.  They should be used daily, at least weekly, to keep the team members connected.

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