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I Am a Team Building Therapist

I have been called a lot of strange (mostly good) names in my life but team building therapist is a new one for me. I am not complaining; I rather like it.

Here is the context. A colleague was asking my advice about using team building activities at his place of business to address low employee morale levels. We discussed many ideas using my process of identifying what ice breakers or activities are most appropriate for his company, his needs, the environment and the goal. He was a bit despondent and very frustrated when we first started talking. As I gave him examples of what has been done with other companies, he began to lighten up.

We talked more about his situation and also about his constraints before I gave him several ideas that he could use to get his teams back in a positive and productive mood. His mood became much more optimistic. He thanked me but when he turned to leave, he said, “You are my team building therapist.”

That made my day! Several years back, I was called a business development therapist by a client. Am I in the wrong line of business? Should I just go with the flow and become a therapist? Oh wait, I already am.

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