Read what others are saying about their experience as a participant in a HUDDLE Session:

The plethora of ideas I got were way more than I could have thought of myself.

I loved this concept of having a temporary board of advisors.

Great ideas that took me in a direction I wasn’t considering.

This will keep me from being an entrepreneur who gets stuck.

It gave me such a shot of adrenalin, hope and creativity!

I am now painting!  I have never painted before and I’m really good!

What a fantastic concept. I truly benefitted in so many ways.

Where did you find such terrific women!

I’m coming back over and over.  These Huddles are one of the best resources I’ve ever had.

I usually have trouble asking for help, which makes the Huddles work for me.

This satisfies my need for a brain trust!

I LOVED IT! Thank you so much for including me! The best part was I met three other fabulous women…an added benefit to the whole process.

A real pleasure. I can taste success or at least the version known as clarity!

Your facilitation was perfect.  Because of that, we all left with improvements on our ideas.

This was a fantastic session! Sharing my problem was a positive experience and I loved that there was no sense of judgment.

I loved the Huddle Session! It helped clarify an issue and gave me an action plan.

Having the input from others was amazing and so helpful.

I thought my problem was trivial but I received so much guidance.

I really enjoyed the experience and am grateful for the ideas!

I’ve realized that I can belong to both the Huddle Group and my MasterMind Group and get different perspectives from both.

Thank you for asking me to attend the Huddle. It was a great experience. I really enjoyed meeting everyone and took away a lot of good insights.

HUDDLE is a winning formula for creative problem solving—it’s unique, objective and focused! Two heads are better than one, but a HUDDLE gets the job done.

Cheaper than therapy!

The diversity of thinking and quality of fresh minds from the women who participate is extremely valuable.

In the following video, four women who have participated in HUDDLE Sessions are interviewed by Darcie. You’ll hear straight from them about the benefits they received:



HUDDLE Sessions do provide benefits.  The following is an excerpt from a long list of the benefits that HUDDLE Session participants said they received:

  • Spectacular ideas!  I got surprising ideas about my own idea!
  • Clarity about a nagging issue I couldn’t resolve on my own
  • Options to think about that I hadn’t thought of on my own
  • Access to a temporary brain trust
  • See my problem from angles not previously considered
  • Gain more focused direction, especially if I am over analyzing or spinning my wheels
  • Ideas to pursue regarding my new course in life
  • Experience brainstorming at a brand new level
  • It was helpful to define and speak openly about an issue
  • Highly valuable to meet other sharp and interesting women
  • It satisfied my desire for a reality check
  • Excellent forum when I feel a need for professional advice
  • Interaction with outstanding minds across the globe who come together to support each other
  • There are no preconceived assumptions from the others that would block a good outcome for me
  • Getting the value from the diversity and quality of fresh perspectives