HUDDLE Sessions

For Coaches, Trainers, Consultants, Workshop Leaders and Membership-Based Organizations:

·       Want a tool to improve the overall effectiveness of your program/services?

·      Want an option to help differentiate your program from others?

·       Would it be helpful to find a new way to strengthen your client relationships?

·       Want to understand why some are disengaging from your program?

·       Need an easy resource to lessen your drop out rate?

·       Want to improve the ratings received on your program?

·       Looking for an add-on revenue stream that benefits your client relationships?


Coaches, trainers and other group leaders use HUDDLE Sessions to provide opportunities for their clients to bond with each other, gain a different perspective about how the coaching program is progressing and to keep everyone on course with the program offerings.  HUDDLE Sessions add value that provides you with a marketing distinction from your competition. HUDDLEs also provide coaches opportunities to make critical observations about the success stages of their clients and what challenges are arising.

To further support the HUDDLE Session opportunity, a recent article in Harvard Business Review states: “… We had research demonstrating that when people embarked on a self-development program, their success increased dramatically when they received follow-up encouragement.” The authors described their response, which was to develop a software program to follow up with clients by sending email reminders, which proved to be irritating, not supportive, to the recipients. Something better was needed. Click to read the full article, 9 Habits That Lead to Terrible Decisions


HUDDLE Sessions ™ are the new, best way

for your clients to bond with each other

while sharing their ideas and wisdom. 


How HUDDLE Sessions Work

Your clients or group members will present any personal or business issue in a HUDDLE Session and – through a guided process – get feedback on a bump in their road, which if left unchecked, may have derailed them from your program.  The process was developed and refined over several years and has proven to bring impressive and often dramatic results.

HUDDLE Sessions require a Certified Facilitator.  Implementing HUDDLE Sessions in your business will provide a complementary service to your current offerings. Your clients will reveal a critical new perspectives about factors that influence their learning with you.  They may have a challenge or an idea needing feedback but your relationship with them will be taken to a deeper level. 

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HUDDLE Sessions can provide opportunities for your services to prosper even more!


  • More revenue!
  • Unique support system
  • Reinforced learning
  • Proven process
  • Success booster for your clients
  • Success booster for your program
  • Marketing advantage over your competitors
  • Stronger referrals from your clients

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