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HUDDLE Sessions Use Ideas as Team Building Activity

My-ideaIdeo is a company whose mission and work products I admire (www.ideo.com).  Their service is to apply their creativity so that organizations can be creative.  Creativity gives birth to more creativity.

The same principle applies to our HUDDLE Sessions.  Ideas breed more ideas.  Many of the women who participate in HUDDLE Sessions participate in this specialized teambuilding activity by first bringing their idea to the group to run it by the team for feedback.  “Is my idea worth pursuing” is what I often hear.  The HUDDLE team listens to the idea on the table and piles on more ideas.  The end result for the woman who started it all is that she has more clarity, support and confidence about what she can do with her idea.  It is often magical.

There is such high value in hearing viewpoints from people who are not in your primary circle of acquaintances – business or personal.  I call the HUDDLE teammates an “ad hoc advisory board” because they convene, then go away.  They are temporary. That temporary nature produces a team building activity that is quite unique, fun and beneficial to every single participant.  Where else can you find a team building activity that provides all that?  Where else can you find a team building activity for women that is based on an idea exchange?

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2 Responses to HUDDLE Sessions Use Ideas as Team Building Activity

  1. I’m interested in your huddle program but I am shy and afraid I will be criticized. I do have an idea that is in my head and want some people to tell me if I’m crazy or what.

    • Dear Sharra, I appreciate your honesty! You have spoken up on behalf of many women. The HUDDLE Sessions are run in a very structured way. In other words, your team mates are only allowed to give you constructive and helpful comments about your issue, not criticism. It will be up to you to pick from their buffet of ideas all the suggestions that work for you and discard those that don’t work for you. You will have complete control of the gifts you will receive. If you are shy, you may also be shy about asking for feedback from others. HUDDLE Sessions are perfect for you! If my reply has not alleviated your concerns, please connect with me by email or phone and we can discuss this in more detail. Thank you!

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