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HUDDLE Sessions are Solution-Focused

Animals kenya for mailchimpA dear friend just made a statement that resonated with me. She said, “Are you problem-centered or solution-centered?”

Often, when a problem arises, I will dwell in that problem. Sit on it. Hug it. Share it with my friends. Get up close and personal with it and give it a lot of elbow room in my life. When I do that, I lose complete sight of solutions. Aargh.

My friend’s expression is a tool I can use (and often forget to) when any kind of a problem tries to hog a seat at my energy table. If I become solution-focused, my entire attitude changes. My entire mental spirit leaps toward ideas and opportunities that had been blocked before. It seems so simple yet it still happens to me from time to time.

One of the beauties of the HUDDLE Sessions that I have created is that we Huddlers are 100% solution-focused. Women bring their problems or issues to the table and the rest of the HUDDLE team give her solutions she never would have found on her own. We provide different perspectives. We provide a way to get her out of her own spiral of thinking. We provide solutions because we are focused on the solution and not the problem.

I like how that works!

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