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HUDDLE Sessions and Random Acts of Kindness

Acts of Kindness by Rosapolis, on Flickr

For over a year I have been holding demo events to test and evaluate a way to connect women and help solve their problems.  They are called HUDDLE Sessions for Creative Problem Solving which are like mini-MasterMinds,  spot-counseling, impromptu business coaching, life coaching in a jar, ad hoc advisory boards, and stand-in best friends.  It’s a way to pose a challenge in your life and get fresh viewpoints from bright women who may not be in your normal business or personal network.

The HUDDLE Sessions have proven to be way more effective than I imagined.  I know I have personally benefited so much when I planted my own problem on the table and received the gifts of wisdom from my team, yet I have literally seen lives change right before my eyes. I’ve been trying to understand that feeling I get when I see a HUDDLE participant reach an epiphany or Aha! Moment.   It finally came to me that it’s very similar to that feeling I get when I receive or give random acts of kindness.

Take this quick test.  Close your eyes and think of a time when a stranger gifted you with a random act of kindness.  How do you feel?  If you smiled and felt a delicious warmth fill up your heart and soul, you know the feeling I mean.

You can try this test again by visualizing the last time you offered a stranger a random act of kindness.  For many, the feeling after the giving is even more intense and vibrant.  You know it when you feel it. That describes what happens in the HUDDLE Sessions.  When I see the Huddlers (as I affectionately refer to the women who participate in these sessions) receiving the gifts of on-the-spot wisdom from their Huddle team, I get that delicious warmth rolling up around my heart and spilling out as a big smile.

Just sharing my random thoughts.

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2 Responses to HUDDLE Sessions and Random Acts of Kindness

  1. You nailed it. When my problem was on the table I felt deeply connected to total strangers who were focused on my challenge. When it was time to address someone else’s issue my brain started churning. I felt honored with the opportunity to help someone in a meaningful way. I was electrified with ideas, and thrilled with the experience of meeting phenomenal women who had something that was in their way. I left feeling eager to tackle something in my life that had been a stumbling block for me. I had a warm and happy feeling that maybe something I threw out there might have helped someone else in the same way.

    Simply put, it was an immensely productive and satisfying experience on many levels.

    • Jennifer, what an expressive description of random acts of kindness slung all over the place! Thank you for adding your own valuable wisdom here, especially since you have experienced two (so far) HUDDLE Sessions!

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