How Do HUDDLE Sessions Work?

Four individuals join a meeting that is conducted in-person or through video-conference.  After brief introductions, a structured process begins which allows each participant to describe his/her idea, challenge or issue.  Each participant gets an opportunity to sit in a spotlight and receive a tidal wave of support. After their issue is put on the table, the other teammates participate in finding solutions.  That’s an overview.

The structure of the Session, the proven process that is applied and the qualified facilitation are what allow clarity and creativity to emerge.  The results feel good. The results range from Great to Spectacular to Life Changing.  Participants leave their HUDDLE Session with ideas and inspiration they couldn’t get on their own.

As a coach, trainer, workshop leader or consultant, you will also experience a stronger connection with your clients.

What Does Certified Facilitation Mean?

Any individual who wishes to provide deeper and more meaningful connections to clients can become a Certified HUDDLE Sessions Facilitator. The training consists of three short video modules and can be completed in just a few hours.

As part of your Certification training, you will receive specific ways you can market your achievement to the benefit of your business. The Certification training package also contains specific marketing information you can use right away. In addition, you will receive sample communications to let you get started offering your new service right away.

How Do I Get Certified?

Certification Training is ready for sale. If you think HUDDLEs will be a valuable tool in your toolkit,  click the button below.

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How Will HUDDLE Sessions Improve My Coaching or Training Program?

If you are like most of the coaches we know, you are always looking for ways to strengthen your relationship with your clients. HUDDLE Sessions will give you that opportunity. You will see your clients from a completely different perspective. You will learn even more about them in the HUDDLE environment. You may learn what is blocking them from making the progress you want for them. You may learn new ways to work with them. HUDDLE Certified Facilitators offer HUDDLE Sessions in a variety of ways to their clients. Some offer HUDDLES as a mandatory part of their training curriculum. Others, administer HUDDLE Sessions after their programs end as a way to keep their clients engaged. In addition, if you provide HUDDLE Sessions to your clients and prospects, you have a powerful differentiator for your business. In the Certification training package, you will receive many marketing tactics to use to help you market your business as unique. HUDDLE Sessions could be that one service that helps your prospects get off the fence to select YOU instead of a competitor who seems similar to them.

If you are on the fence about getting Certified to provide HUDDLE Sessions to your clients, act now! Many of the Certified Facilitators are using HUDDLE Sessions as an additional source of income for their businesses. Every business is different. There are several opportunities to charge a fair fee to bring added revenue into your business.

How Will HUDDLE Sessions Improve My Program Ratings?

The very nature of HUDDLE Sessions is to tease up any challenges your clients may be having – within your program or outside your program. Hearing what they have to say has proven to be a strong antidote to frustration and disappointment with any coaching investment they have made. HUDDLEs give your clients opportunities to vent, stretch, grow and rejoice – all while receiving very personal support from you and the group. The end result? Clients know you have provided every opportunity for them to succeed which completely intercepts bad reviews. Even if you haven’t experienced a problem with drop out rates, your clients will become more loyal to you and the services you offer. If you want to reduce dropouts, this is the ticket. HUDDLE Sessions provide the forum for clients to express why they may ever consider dropping out. You’ll hear it first hand and will have the pleasure of addressing any concerns that are expressed. Less or no dropouts. Only good program reviews.

Do HUDDLEs Work for Membership Groups?

Definitely! HUDDLE Sessions are a sensational bonding agent for groups based on a membership. When group members participate in a HUDDLE Session, they become well-connected to each other and loyal to the group that provided the opportunity. In addition, the group may use HUDDLEs as an added source of revenue. Identify one or more members or staff who can take the training to be certified to facilitate HUDDLE Sessions on behalf of your membership group. CLICK HERE to send Darcie, The Game Gal and Founder of HUDDLE Sessions, an email to discuss ways you can use HUDDLEs in your group.

How Much Time Do I Set Aside to Participate in HUDDLE Sessions?

Each Huddle Session lasts for approximately two hours plus some chat time. The preparation time required of participants will take only a few minutes. The Certified Facilitator will receive all the necessary communications to generate to clients before each HUDDLE Sessions. That’s a tremendous savings in administrative time.

What Kind of People Should I Include in my HUDDLE Group?

The HUDDLE Sessions process is an opportunity to let participants flush up any challenge they may be having in your program or in life in general. Other than that, there are no other requirements standing in the way of having a completely successful HUDDLE Session. The participants can vary in ages, gender, culture, religion, etc. The experience is not about agreeing or liking each other; it’s about collaborating together which lends itself to having a lot of diversity on your team. HUDDLEs have been conducted with a variety of different personalities while achieving the same extraordinary results of helping people find solutions to challenges.

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