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Games-Way-of-Thinking is Good for Business

If you supervise people, or work with others on a team, you can learn to use a Games-Way-of-Thinking to avoid or solve problems.  This way of thinking is an alternative to traditional ways of solving problems when they arise.  The problems I refer to here usually involve people (and the issues we all bring along with us) or technology or processes.    Within every problem is a relationship.  You may define “relationship” as being between at least two people yet people can have relationships with technology; technology can have relationships to a budget.  You get the idea.

Using an alternative approach to problem solving is what a Games-Way-of-Thinking is.

Here’s one example.

Zack and Sally just can’t seem to work together. They create friction on the team and passively sabotage each other which hurts the project, the team and of course the company.

A traditional approach to solving this relationship problem would be to:

  • Give them both a lecture about how to get along
  • Praise them more, even publicly, hoping they will feel better and melt their differences
  • Take away some of their compensation
  • Add more to their compensation
  • Send them to a third-party listener/therapist
  • Put one or both of them on probation
  • Put them on different teams away from each other
  • Live in denial and work around this problem *

*This is what I have found to be the most widely used response to people problems in corporate America.  It’s such a shame.

If you wanted an alternative approach, one that would work to diffuse the problem and get the two challenging employees better connected, apply a different, non-traditional way of thinking.

In this case, I would identify an appropriate team building activity that would let Zack and Sally identify the root of their problems and find a channel to take them to a new and improved method of relating to each other.  Blow up the old relationship and build a new one that is built on their differences, not inhibited by their differences.

There are so many ideas on ways to get them back on track.  Here’s one:

If you want to have the whole department/team participate in an activity, have them break into teams and plan a vacation together.  Zack and Sally must be on the same team.  In this team building activity, people are expected to plan the vacation that the department will take together but it must be built around real life constraints.  People learn a lot about each other while building a fun fantasy together.  Sally might find out that Zack can’t take a vacation because he has to care for someone at home.  Zack might find out that Sally has a medical condition that won’t allow her to travel to certain geographical areas.  It’s a fun imaginative exercise that teaches a team how to head toward a goal while dealing with a variety of constraints.  The real beauty in this team building game is that the teams always seem to be able to work it out!

There are many other paths to take to get Zack and Sally into a better understanding about how they can work together more harmoniously.  Using the non-traditional Games-Way-of-Thinking will stir up creative options to solve the problem and connect people at the same time.

I will be talking more on this in other posts.

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