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Games Can Be Great Learning Centers

Brenda Brathwaite is another Game Gal. I do not bestow that honorable title on many people. We can learn so much from game inventors and Brenda proves that in spades (the game, get it?). In her talk, she discusses how she was inspired by her daughter to teach her about history and culture. That would make her daughter a fine teacher too.

After hearing her TED talk, I can’t get the ideas out of my head to create games around causes or issues or history that is important to me. I admire the learning component that is not cleverly disguised but is up front and center.

Hats off to you, Brenda Brathwaite! If we had politicians and world leaders inventing games based on your mindset, we would have a much better planet of people. We would function as teams of connected people who care about each other.

Here’s a link to Brenda’s TED Talk:

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