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Solve People Problems in the Office

Success Stories in the Office.

Brief case studies that demonstrate how using strategic levity in the office can solve a myriad of people problems.

Ten stories showing real life examples from real companies. Small and simple gestures were used to create remarkable results. This e-book is written for supervisors, managers and other executives who work with people in the office.

Your own people problems may be on these pages! Click on the center arrow if you wish to read this document right here and now.

Success Stories in the Office by Darcie Davis

Read How a Games-Way-of-Thinking Can Work in Your Office!

Following are the story titles to the free ebook Success Stories in the Office. Can you find your problem here?

  • Marketers Use a Game for Delicious Customer Research
  • Merged Sales Teams Bond With a Game
  • Clever Solution to End Distractions in the Department
  • Use a Game to Change Self-Defeating Behavior
  • Using a Game Advanced a Career
  • Partner Used a Game to Bond With New Recruits
  • Departments Use Talent to Improve Their Reputations
  • Management by Walking Around Works
  • New Employee Uses Game to Build Connections
  • A Creative Approach to Meetings Motivates an Entire Department

This ebook is provided courtesy of The Game Gal to help you address your people challenges by implementing a games-way-of-thinking in your office.