Our Consultation services provide creative ways to address your challenges.

·       Creative Idea Validation or Problem Solving – HUDDLE Sessions™ are small group sessions that are public or private-labeled.  The public Sessions are facilitated by The Game Gal to validate ideas, offer solutions to problems and provide new perspectives to any personal or business challenge.  HUDDLE Sessions are executed as in-person events or through video conference to individuals in the U.S. and Canada. Click Here for more information.  HUDDLE Sessions are licensed by trainers, workshop leaders and coaches who want to strengthen their client relationships and offer added-value services.  For more information about licensing HUDDLE Sessions, Click Here.

·       Thought Starters – Looking for a good question to get your group ready for your meeting?  Contact The Game Gal for a great question you can use.  If you have regular meetings to attend or manage, you might prefer to receive a stream of meeting starter questions.  Subscribe to The Game Gal’s meeting starter questions to Wake Up Your Team!

·       SpeakingDarcie Davis, The Game Gal, speaks to corporate audiences as well as organizations that seek creative ideas to engage and motivate their executive teams, employees, and consumers. Her speaking topics include:

Contact Darcie Davis, The Game Gal, for information about securing her as a speaker.

·       Workshops – We facilitate workshops with corporate teams to help them learn creative and simple ways they can build high functioning teams or groups. We have half day and full day programs uniquely designed to meet the needs of each client. Contact Darcie Davis, The Game Gal, for information on pricing a workshop to fit your needs.

·       Coaching – We work with corporate leaders, executives, supervisors and project managers to help them create strategies to connect their team members, motivate employees, and/or generate revenue. Our consultation sessions also help develop concepts for strategic marketing activities to engage customers. Contact Darcie Davis, The Game Gal, for information on a coaching process to fit your needs.

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