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Consistent Play is Critical for Effective Team Building

I love finding articles and reports that provide evidence that science is at work when team members build close and strong connections with each other.  There is proven science to validate why and how right brain activities – a.k.a. “play” – can build better connections between team members.  Play must be a component in every team building toolkit.

In an article I found at www.MeetingsNet.com, Dave Kovaleski references a study that provided ten effective ways to increase brain power in meetings to help people engage.  The number one way is “Play.”  Yes! (picture me high-fiving)

Incorporating an element of play during meetings, during the workday, during retreats, is not just a fun thing to do, it is a scientifically prescribed method of getting people better connected.  When the right brain is stimulated, as it is through certain kinds of play, people have an opportunity to connect in ways much better than they can without the play.

When I lead meetings, I don’t tell the groups that I will be incorporating “play” because many people misinterpret my intention.  I use business language to introduce Play.

We will now do an activity together.

Here’s an assignment for you.

Our next project will be done in groups.

It’s up to each manager, supervisor, or team leader to decide what kind of Play can be used and how it can be introduced.

My prescription is focused on using small bits of play on a consistent basis.  These small bits of play usually fall under the category of ice breakers yet you can call it what you want. Meetings are the main conduit for getting work done in companies and organizations all around the world.  Meetings are the perfect forum for using ice breakers or small bits of play to help people understand each other better in order to steadily improve their working relationships.

A steady improvement to working relationships will translate directly into more productivity. Consistent play will be a critical component to your effective team building.

In another post, I will discuss the simple formula to achieve Better Teams.

Click Here for the article I reference.

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2 Responses to Consistent Play is Critical for Effective Team Building

  1. Team building games, activities and exercises are best ways to develop team synergy. Unconventional corporate training programs are more creative, innovative and effective in creating positive team dynamics.

    • August, I agree that unconventional corporate programs are just not enough. They lack in strategy, innovation and long term results.

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