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Awesome Fortune Card Ice Breakers

Fortunes parties croppedIn my ice breaker game called Fortunes, Ice Breakers for Parties & Events, one of the Fortune cards reads, “Whatever comes out of your mouth next will be a big fat clue about your future.” I just heard from an owner of these fortunes that she read that card and waited until the right moment before she uttered her next word, being respectful of the Fortune message of course. She waited and waited. And waited more. Until, her son said something from the next room and her response was, “Awesome!” She wrote to tell me about the word that now describes her future, just as the Fortune told her. Awesome! What a splendid attitude.

Reading the various Fortunes are part attitude, part hopeful thinking and part flexibility. They are fun and entertaining. If you want to believe that the clever messages on the Fortunes will come true, you will have such a positive and hopeful experience. If you are skeptical and don’t believe in fortunes or predictions or Chinese fortune cookies, then, you just aren’t any fun.

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