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Darcie Davis, otherwise known as The Game Gal, is the Owner of Huddle Enterprises and President of GamesandTeamBuilding.com.

A letter from The Game Gal:

Hi Creative and Enthusiastic Friends!

I help individuals connect to Enthusiasm by using a creative methodology, which is licensed by coaches, trainers, workshop leaders, membership groups, etc.  This concept was first used for me personally to help me get quick feedback on ideas or challenges I had.  I invited three friends to my home for chicken salad and herbal tea on Sunday afternoons and, through my process, we all inspired each other and took home enthusiasm and solutions to our issues.  I saw lives changed, ideas take flight and problems obliterated.  It was incredibly powerful!  I called our meetings “creative collaboration” for many years.  Using my own process, my team helped me provide a better, more marketable name, which is how “HUDDLE Sessions” came about.  I beta-tested HUDDLE Sessions for over two years until I deemed them ready for licensing.

Now, coaches, trainers, membership groups and all kinds of workshop leaders are using HUDDLEs to help their clients resolve obstacles and become more loyal to their program. (For more information go to http://HuddleSessions.com.)

I also create games and ice breakers for teams needing to be better connected or more productive. Can you tell how my persistent theme seems to be “connecting” – one person at a time.  I hope we can connect!

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A Games-Way-of-Thinking

My father had an endless inventory of games he created to entertain us kids, his friends and to fuel a passion he had to solve problems. I inherited that game inventor gene! I use the gifts of my DNA to recommend innovative approaches to challenges or to expand on ideas.  I achieve that by incorporating a Games-Way-of-Thinking, which is very much like “gamification” yet is also a valuable alternative to traditional problem solving. Over the past several years, I have presented this concept to many different business groups.

Corporate Experience

Well beyond my early days of playing my father’s clever games, I managed marketing teams and advised CEO’s on strategic business growth issues such as acquisitions, new service lines or business development.  I’ve facilitated countless meetings, retreats and strategic planning sessions incorporating my ice breakers and team building tricks of the trade.  As a supervisor and later as a consultant, I have a steady and successful track record of using a games-way-of-thinking to generate ideas, solve problems, attract new business, and build teams. As a result of my Games-Way-of-Thinking, I now own quite an extensive bank of icebreakers and game ideas.

Click Here for more about my corporate experience.

Connections.  Connections.  Connections.

On this site, you will read about creative ways you can use games and ice breakers, ideas and topics to accomplish different objectives while connecting people. I’d love to build a connection to you!
I welcome collaboration and will be featuring others who invent games and have creative ideas for connecting people.  You will also get to know other professionals who use games in unique ways to build sales teams, inspire constituents, solve problems or whatever.

Inventors Are Leaders

Inventors must take chances to go where no one else has thought to venture.  It’s risky but I rather like that pioneering spirit.  The HUDDLE Sessions along with ice breaker and team building products for sale on this site are all products of love from me. You’ll see my passion at work.

I grew up in St. Louis, Missouri, lived in Houston, Texas for many years and now live in Northern Virginia USA with my wonderful husband and two snooty pedigree cats.

Oh, the Places You’ll Go! (this makes me laugh every time I read it)


Let’s get connected!


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4 Responses to About Game Gal

  1. Hendrick Kinnah

    Coming to gather, making it happening, that it what I believe in and hard work and perciviarance will generate something good. Thank u my name is Hendrick, from Ghana I was in u s for a visit and you gave me your card at the church, I was with my uncle Mr Tetteyfio and the wife

    • Hendrick! I remember you well. I recently met another fine gentleman from Ghana and I thought of you. How is your business going? Are you planning a trip back to the States any time soon? Be well, and thank you for visiting!

  2. Hi Darcie!
    Teri-E Belf told me to look at your website. Evidently she recently met you at an event in Northern Va., and knew I would love your approach. I do! I work with teams and am a firm believer that having fun leads to the highest productivity. I’m getting ready to order your Huddle cards, and am looking forward to browsing through your website.

    • Kathy, how wonderful to meet you! Thank you for your kind comments. I can’t wait to meet you and hope you might wander over to Reston sometime so we could meet. Your ice breakers are on their way and should be arriving this week. Thank you for your order, interest and attitude!

      Darcie, The Game Gal

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