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A Game Inventor’s Mind

I have some of it.  Do you?  Even though I have it, I don’t know how to describe what it is.  My mind invents things.  For me, the inventions are games and ice breakers.  As my tagline on this website says, I am passionate about “using games and levity to connect people.”  It comes rather easy for me but gives me immense satisfaction.  What that process looks like inside my mind is a puzzle to me so I am rolling out a series of interviews with other game inventors – Inside the Mind of a Game Inventor.  I want to look inside their minds to see what is ticking and what is tacking.

If you want to follow the thought process to understand the experience of advancing from game concept to published product, you must read these interviews!

Inside the Mind of a Game Inventor will help you peel back the workings of game inventors to see how their brains function and why those special brains are able to create fun things the rest of the world gets to enjoy.

Our first interview in our series is with Kenneth Scheel who is a remarkable game inventor, opportunity spotter and author.  You’ll have to judge for yourself if he is typical of game inventors.  I am on a mission to find the common denominators among us inventors of games yet I haven’t quite figured it out yet.  Help me if you can!

In the meantime, please enjoy this spectacular interview with a very unique inventor!

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